Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Full Moon Afternoon

This little one is from a recent Linnyland painting adventure

to Esquimalt's Fleming Beach on

the afternoon of the April full moon.

One of the names for the April full moon is "The Full Pink Moon".

According to Linny lore, during the full Pink Moon

anything is possible - think happy thoughts and believe...


"Full Moon Afternoon"

oil on canvas

6 x 8


  1. Very nice. I love the feel of this piece.

  2. Your happy thoughts are floating over to Toronto, and I'm getting happy just looking at this, even in a severe thunder storm.

    The power of art from Linnyland.
    XO Barbara

  3. De beaux nuages qui dansent admirablement dans votre ciel... Gros bisous

  4. Nice clouds--I love the gold lining! Great sky.

  5. Excellent cloud shapes! A very playful piece

  6. Thank-you, Kim! (I'm glad that you feel it...)

  7. Barbara - THANK-YOU! Your comments are treasures to receive!

  8. Love love love the gradated sky tones in this one LInny, and the happenstance way the clouds dot the sky.

  9. Thank-you, Sally! Some days are all about the sky, hmmm?

  10. I so love how you're carved out the landscape and sky. Yes, I believe you. Anything is possible, and I can see you make it happen in your own life in wonderful Linnyland.

  11. Sorry, was writing too fast this morning! Meant to say, I so love how you've carved out the landscape...

    And, I do! Very much.

  12. Hi Linny!... Another piece of fanciful... liveliness... top-to-bottom!

    From the energetic brushwork that suspends those whimsical cloud shapes on that beautifully graduated colour field of sky... to the solid.. quiet strands of distance in the background... you have created another magical composition! Well conceived... and painted Linny!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  13. Melinda, I love to read your comments and this time, lucky me, I received two! Thank-you, thank-you!!

  14. Thank-you, Bruce! I appreciate reading how you see the painting. Happy painting to you, too!


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