Monday, 11 July 2011

The Parasol Model

I'm busy getting ready for the
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria's
24th Annual Moss Street Paint-In.
"Celebrate the Gallery's art festival this Saturday
and join the fun...
over 100 invited artists bring their studios to Moss Street!"
The above painting was inspired by the lovely young woman
with it all (including a parasol) that wandered by
my "street studio"during last year's Paint In.
I'm hoping that she attends again this year
and recognizes herself in this painting.
If you know who she is please tell her that
she can see "her painting" and
stop by for a visit with me in Linnyland
at 107 Moss Street
(between Faithful and May).
"The Parasol Model"
oil on canvas
16 x 8


  1. Hello to Linnyland!... A lovely... delicate subject Linny! Reminds me a bit of the porcelain pieces of "chinoiserie" that graced my Mom's livingroom - Very Victoria(n) too!HAHA!!

    Hope that the model returns... and that your Linnyland studio enjoys many visitors... who leave as uplifted and delighted as I do on each of my visits!

    Good Painting! Good luck with your showing!
    Warmest regards,

  2. Good painting!! Wish I could come by and see her in person! Good luck!!

  3. Lovely painting. Lovely lady.

    Have a fabulous time this weekend. I know everyone will enjoy your work!

    I'll be thinking of you and I'll be there in spirit.

  4. Thank-you, Bruce! Your comments make me smile!

  5. Thank-you, Linda and I wish you could, too!

  6. Thank-you, Magical Melinda. (And Happy Belated Birthday to you!!)

  7. Very nice. I don't think I recall you painting figures. She has a charming sweet expression.

  8. Thank-you, Susan. (Like I said, ...she has it all - including a parasol!)


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