Saturday, 24 September 2011

High Above the Salish Sea

The next Linnyland summer painting adventure
was one that had been calling to me for a number of years
and that's because, from my Victoria studio, I look across the
strait to the town of Port Angeles and the Olympic Mountains but,
until this summer, hadn't visited the area.
 So, away we went, (fellow, fellow artist Jeffrey Boron and I),
 on a hot, hot August day; through customs (another story for another day), across the Salish Sea, through Port Angeles
 to the top - Hurricane Ridge.
The fields were abloom with wild flowers, the air scented
 with mountain sage and the last patches of snow nearly melted.
There was exploring, then picnicking
and finally painting right at the very top of it all.
And now, (after returning through customs - yet another story for another day),  I've visited (and painted) the view
 from my studio window!
"High Above the Salish Sea"
oil on wood panel
8 x 10


  1. What an adventure! I'm so impressed that you had the energy to paint after going through customs twice. It will be great to hear the story some day. I always wonder how that goes.

    This is a delightful painting. I love the view, the sky and the three trees that seem to have such personality--like they are enjoying the day with you.

    Glad you're back home safe and sound!

  2. Excellent colors. I love the mix of warm and cool in paintings. Nice job.

  3. Gorgeous stylized trees and clouds, Linny. I so miss living in Washington. Beautiful area and beautiful painting!

  4. Hi there Linny!... You have fully captured the sense of excitement... anticipation and the mountain sense in this gem!

    Regarding the border fiasco. At our Thousand Islands Paint Out...DITTO treatment from US artists heading in the homeward direction. That's where the true "Hurricane" part of the trip really exisited. Great for a slumping economy... for both trading partners! The word Stupid... comes to mind!

    A great painting expedition. Thanks for sharing Linny!

    Warmest regards,

  5. Thank-you, Melinda! It was a whole new world of beauty, even the high mountain trees had different shapes (and personalities!)

  6. Thank-you, Tim. Cool and warm on a hot, hot day!

  7. Thank-you Autumn Leaves! I can understand how you would miss the area - I'm looking forward to exploring more of the area...

  8. Thank-you, Bruce! I'm thinking that the border/customs people might benefit from a little visit to Linnyland - it couldn't hurt! (The last fellow that was called in to "do the once over" was very nice so the trip ended much later than anticipated but still on a "high" note.)

  9. Hi Linny,

    The last time I carried art supplies to the States I was flying. It was just before the start of the war in Iraq. I was questioned by customs for almost an hour about my supplies, my reason for going, the type of course, why I was taking it in California. When Steven and I went
    the next time I bought a pad and pen in California, and that was fine on my return. Brave Linny. Beautiful painting. I think everyone could use some time in Linnyland.

    XO Barbara

  10. Thank-you, Barbara! It may have been easier to re-enter had I bought something,(anything!) It seems that a shopping trip would be easier to understand than a Linnyland painting adventure.

  11. This is not the first time your work recalled yodeling, Linny! I think I sang a song to you before, up there in the Linny Alps!

  12. Thank-you for making me laugh with your wonderful comments, Marie!


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