Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Susan Edgell interviews Linny D. Vine on CFJC Midday - Kamloops BC Canada

Thank-you for the great interview, Susan Edgell! 
- CFJC TV Kamloops, BC Canada

Susan asked, "What are the VW vans in your paintings about?"

 I answered, "Like Linnyland, they're all about adventure, freedom fun and JOY!"

Then Susan asked, "Do you drive a VW Van?"

I replied, "In Linnyland I do!"

Ready, SET, GO... "Let's all go to Linnyland!"


  1. Bonjour,
    Ce pays, cet univers qu'est le vôtre est merveilleux...
    Nul doute que votre interview fut un charmant moment pour votre chroniqueuse.

    ❁ Gros bisous ❁

  2. Gros merci beaucoup, Martine Alison!

  3. I love Linnyland, and think that was the perfect answer!
    Congratulations on the interview.

    XOXOXO Barbara


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