Friday, 5 September 2014

Wolf Brewing Company's "Black & Tan and the Linnyland VW Van"!!

"A New Adventure" & something to HOWL about:
Wolf Brewing Company's BLACK & TAN is sporting
the Linnyland Volkswagen VAN!!
(Original painting, "A New Adventure", 36 x 36, 
is available through West End Gallery, Victoria BC CANADA)

"Black & Tan and the Linnyland Volkswagen Van":

Linnyland's "A New Adventure" image licensed by 
Wolf Brewing Company, Nanaimo BC Canada:

Remember, don't drink and drive OR drink and dive.

Thank-you for a new adventure for 
"A New Adventure", Wolf Brewing Company!


  1. How cool is this!! I love the painting too!

  2. Golden Linny!... Right to the last drop now! Cheers!


  3. very exciting Linny, congratulations! Your 'A New Adventure' is perfect on the label. I hope it brings even more art business your way. all the very best to you in Linnyland this morning.

  4. Dommage que ces jolies bouteilles n'arrivent pas jusqu'à chez moi !... Je serais preneuse !
    Gros bisous ❁❀❁

  5. Merci, Martine Alison...maybe Wolf Brewing Co. ships to France?!!


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