Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria 23rd Annual Moss Street Paint - In

photo credit Shirley Grosser
photo credit Jeffrey Boron

photo credit Jeffrey Boron
Last Saturday was
the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
23rd Annual Moss Street Paint -In. This year 140 artists
were invited by the gallery "to bring their studios to the street".
Each year there are approximately 30,000 in attendance
at this ever popular "crazy fun" art event.
Thank-you to all of my old and new friends
and collectors who stopped by to visit.
And welcome to the world wee, precious Juno
who, at 5 days old, attended her first AGGV Paint-In
and congratulations Janice and Darren!
(I'll post the painting that I was working on there soon...)


  1. Linny, these are great shots of what looks like a good time. I must ask the story of the white gloves, though. Do you paint in them? If so, where were they in the other two photos? Or, are they just a cool fashion statement? If that's it, you pull it off quite well...


  2. Oh, you're funny, Don! The white gloves along with the big brimmed hat do make sort of costume/fashion statement but the truth is I'm a really messy painter and these gloves give me the freedom to be wild without getting paint all over me and everything else. Thank-you for the good giggle!

  3. Hi Linny,

    This looks so amazing. Good for you with the white gloves. I can't seem to paint with gloves on so always have paint everywhere. Love your outfit and seeing your beautiful painting with you. I was away when this happened.

    XO Barbara

  4. Thank-you, Barbara! (I'm waving to you with my "Lady Gloves" on...)


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