Saturday, 31 July 2010

Gallery Treasure

I mentioned in my earlier post on this year's
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria Moss Street Paint-In
that I would post the painting
that I worked on during the event and this is it.
Each year at the Paint -In I have worked on a painting
of a building that is located somewhere along Moss Street
so, this year I decided to get a few reference shots
of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria from the angle of it's
beautiful Asian themed garden.
While I was in the garden getting the photos
I saw the door to the gallery open and I was delighted
to see, Mary-ellen, the co-ordinator of the Paint-In,
come through the door for a coffee break in the beautiful garden!
And, as I mentioned (approximately 30,000 times) during the
Paint-In, the gallery's special garden is a gentle place
to calm one's senses after the stimulation
of taking in all that there is to experience
during a visit to the gallery and/or
to the Moss Street Paint-In.
"Gallery Treasure"
oil on canvas
20 x 20


  1. This is awesome!! I just love all the movement in your pieces. Great job!

  2. You have really caught the character of this old building Linny and the trees look like stalwart guardians. As Kim says, love the rhythm and movement in your paintings.

  3. Oh, this is lovely! You've got a treasure in this painting, most definitely! I love the richness of detail and color. You've painted a strong composition too.

    I think I can feel the cool breeze and the inviting atmosphere...ah, and the scent of luscious plants blended with the smell of yummy coffee.

    As always--well done!

  4. I love, love, love this painting. The house has so much personality and seems to be enticing people in.

  5. Linny- I really love your painting style! It has a wonderful sense of fun!

  6. Beautiful and complex with that special "Linny" style. I want to live in your world!

  7. Linny, you have such a wonderful way with patterns and vivid colors. (No matter how simple or complex your subject!) Each painting just sparkles with character! I'm sure the gallery will HAVE to own this painting.

  8. Thank-you, Kim! (I like knowing that movement is coming through, too.)

  9. Thanks, Sheila. I did a little tree moving and reshaping for the painting but the garden really does contain these two giant Garry oak trees.

  10. Muchos thank-you, Magical Melinda!

  11. Thank-you, Nancy! The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria building was at one time a house and it attracts many visitors throughout the year.

  12. Thanks, Roxanne! Fun is good!!!

  13. Thank-you, Carol, and you are welcome in Linnyland any time you like!

  14. Thank-you very much, Diane, and I love your sentiments!


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