Saturday, 21 August 2010

Katie's Window & The Gallery Below

Wednesday night was great, thank-you
to all of my collectors and friends who attended!
'Life is good', truly good, having all of you in it
-including, you, my blogger friends.
This is the painting from
that lovely, lively, fun-filled evening at
The Gallery where Katie, from the suite above,
came by and said that she
has always wanted to live in a building that
was "cool enough that someone would
want to do a painting of it".
"Katie's Window & The Gallery Below"
oil on canvas
(semi-plein air)
12 x 9


  1. There are lots of places around Victoria that are "cool enough that someone would
    want to do a painting" of them, as you know, because you've done cool and quirky 'Linnylands' of so many of them. The Gallery is delightful!

  2. I really like the fanciful quality of this painting.

  3. Such a nice image, linny! The distortion contributes to the fun feeling and I love the depth one feels when looking at the flowers and what lies behind!

  4. Hello and thank-you, Charlene! (It's good to have you visit again - I had a quick peak and your mountain series is wonderful!)

  5. Thank-you very much, Nancy! (I find that when I'm painting in a crowd the painting can really take on the energy that is there.)

  6. Thank-you, Marie! (I wanted to get it all in, and it's only a 12 x 9, so I needed to "do a little squish here and there".)

  7. That is a fabulous location! I love your treatment of it! The vintage van, the older building, the wonderful painting, draws me into the environment for a dreamy adventure there.

    It's delightful to hear that Wednesday night was a grand success.

    Wishing you many more!

  8. So glad the opening went well. That is just wonderful. Great painting. I like the lush abstract quality, the hanging basket which lets me know the whole street is lovely, and the requisite VW van. So joyous.

    Take care,


  9. Thank-you for all of your thoughtful words and wishes, Melinda!

  10. Thank-you, Barbara! (I still smile when I think of your brother and his vw van!)

  11. Its interesting to watch you and Jeff tackle the same location. Like the play of glowing light and shadow on the streets!

  12. Thank-you, Prabha! (During the evening it was mentioned that, although it was the same building being painted, it didn't really look as though we were painting the same building. I said that, maybe, it was because I was looking over my shoulder at the building while I was painting it???)

  13. Wait...that's my family's red VW van! If you look closely, you just may see me inside....

    Wonderfully quirky and charming piece, Linny!

  14. Hi Pat, Thanks for visiting and leaving me with a fun comment! (I think I did see a redhead in a red VW van and I was waving because I was sure it was you. Did you see me, too?)


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