Saturday, 6 November 2010

One Day Last Summer

This studio piece grew from,
'Late Afternoon - Lake Cowichan'
an en plein air painting from an
"one day last summer adventure" to Cowichan Lake.
(It was the afternoon that I swam amongst the
orange bellied newts.)
It's entirely possible that me painting this painting
may have inadvertently caused summer weather
to linger longer here in Victoria;
I was able to have breaky out on the deck
on the 4th of November - unheard of in our climes!
(Oddly, now that the painting is finished
the autumn weather has started...)
"One Day Last Summer"
oil on canvas
30 x 36


  1. J'aime beaucoup votre style.... Bises

  2. Wow Linny,

    This is so beautiful. We had morning glories here until this past week when the frost hit, but the sweet peas close to the house are still going
    strong. Pretty amazing for November 7. But it is mighty cold now. So the fall is here for sure.
    I love this painting.


  3. Hi Linny!.... Thanks for this last "brush" with Summer!"Simply"... beautiful... as always!

    Autumn has left us as well...and we have already had SNOW... on the ground... however briefly a few times around here.

    The "Big Blustery Blow" is not far off now! But Hey!...That's just another kind of landscape and chance to use new colour!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  4. After Jeff, its your turn to paint a sky i havent seen before. But then this is Linnyland :)
    Nice big painting Linny!

  5. Anything to prolong summer! Lovely landscape in your well-known style, Linny!

  6. Ah, now these clouds are sky boulders on which the happy hiker can sit and enjoy that perfect day between fall and winter--the temperature is warm with cool breezes and the atmosphere is clear and soothing.

    Love, love, love that sky.

  7. Thank-you, Barbara! I'm happy to know that summer has lingered for you, too! Have you ever painted your sweet peas? I'll wander over and check that out...

  8. Thank-you, Prahba! It felt good to paint larger again and I'm anxious to get back to more biggies...

  9. Thank-you, Marie. (I agree with, summer can linger, longer in Linnyland!)

  10. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, Melinda!

  11. Thank-you, Bruce! Summer came back for one day here and today it's definitely gone but I'm forcasting it will return again before wintersets in (dreamer).


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