Sunday, 27 March 2011

Golden Times

This one is from a recent
Linnyland painting demonstration
that I gave for the enthusiastic Oak Bay Art Club.
The painting is of a store in their Oak Bay
neighbourhood called the Demitasse Bakery Store.
After the demo the members of the group told me
that, as well as taking them back to their childhood,
they were certain that they would never be able to drive by this
little store and look at it in the same way.
And, those are good things, yes?
"Golden Times"
acrylic on canvas
24 x 12


  1. Your work always puts a HUGE smile on my face. Thanks for that... I am truly in awe of your interpretations of the world around you. Linnyworld has to be a wonderful place to hang out.


  2. HI LInny,
    Wonderful demo piece!! ...i know it's not so easy to paint and talk at the same time. This is truly charmy. Love the palette, and the way you turn the linear into shapes of your own pleasing, it is a delightful way to interpret.

  3. Don is right. A smile on my face too.
    Great piece Linny.
    Thanks too or the kind comment on my art blog.

  4. As usual I love the wimsy and unique way you interpret the world around you! Love it!

  5. Lovely painting! I can see why the group enjoys it so much. There is a strong sense of place and memory in this.

    What a lucky group!

  6. Thank-you for your beautiful comments, Don!

  7. Thanks so much, Sally! (I usually request questions otherwise I'll get involved in the painting and quietly disappear into the Linnyland adventure.)

  8. Thank-you, Tina! Much appreciated!


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