Saturday, 5 March 2011

Winter Sky - Holland Point

This one is from a recent
ocean side adventure to Holland Point (Victoria, BC)
with fellow, fellow artist, Jeffrey J. Boron.
We set up our easels under a sunny February sky
and started to paint.
As I blocked in the shoreline shapes I was
aware that the sky had darkened but
the air temperature still felt warm.
While I darkened the sky in the painting
the temperature changed to cool.
Then, as I painted in the rocks and started on the water
the air temperature became cold.
I put in a few more strokes as ice crystals started to fall.
We packed up our gear and...
(to be continued)
'Winter Sky - Holland Point"
oil on wood panel
6 x 8


  1. Fantastic. We had a day a couple of weekends ago when you could go outside in a sweater. Very short lived just like your painting experience. Love the painting. Such glorious light and mood.


  2. Thank-you, Barbara! We are still chilly here but pink blossoms are starting to show on the flowering plum's starting...SPRING... and it's coming your way, too!


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