Sunday, 27 February 2011

Prairie Evening

This is another in the Linnyland long and leaner
grain elevator series.
(As I've mentioned in earlier elevator posts,
these old giants are one my few memories of the prairies.)
This one is of the elevator in Mayerthorpe, Alberta.
Vancouver artist and blogger, Maxine Wolodko,
very kindly sent me photos of her hometown elevator.
Thank-you Maxine and Mayerthorpe!
"Prairie Evening"
oil on canvas
20 x 10


  1. Wonderful wonderful color palette....I started smiling in delight when I saw the thumbnail!

  2. Thank-you, Sheila! It's great to read your smiling comment!

  3. What a beauty Linny,

    I love the colours in the wood and the sky.


  4. Oh, the fantastic glow in this beautifully painted work!

    I really enjoy that magical, Linnyland light.

    Stay warm! Spring is on the way.

  5. Hi there Linny!.... Another lovely Prairie Cathedral.... soaring... soaring!

    I love the playful contrast that you have developed between the verticality of the elevator... and the feeling of limitless prairie space with your linear bands of sky and boards.

    Your inclusion of the wonderfully... warm glowing palette and the presence of those railway tracks... to "deliver " the eye to the elevator say everything there is to say about the prairie landscape for me! A gem!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  6. Thank-you, Magical Melinda! Yours in light...always... all ways...

  7. Bruce, thank-you for your extremely thoughtful comment! Much appreciated!

  8. oh my goodness Linny, this one is absolutely luscious!!! just love that gradated transition in the sky and echoed in the wooden siding.

  9. I love it Linny. I'm glad that sharing the photo resulted in such a wonderful painting!

  10. Thank-you for your wonderful comment, Sally!

  11. Thanks to you for the photo, Maxine! Thank-you, too, for your comment!

  12. This one just HUMS with complimentary color razzle-dazzle! It's been a minute since I visited Linny--- I'm very glad to see so many SOLDS! You go!!

  13. Thank-you, Barbara! (I think you and I have a fondness for similar colors...)

  14. Thank-you for your "razzle me dazzle me comment, Diane! Now I'm off to see what you've been up to...)

  15. Linny, I love your grain elevator series. You make them so unique. Wish I could peel back your hair and see in that head of yours! Your visions are so wonderful!

  16. Thank-you, Carol! (And thank-you for making me laugh out loud with your "peel back and see"!)


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