Thursday, 26 May 2011

Tour de Fernwood SOLD

There seems to be a BLOG CLOG, in Linnyland
at present I'm unable to answer any of your comments.
Please know that I'm sending you
a big "THANK-YOU" right now!!
"Tour de Fernwood"
oil on canvas
12 x 6


  1. Hello Linnyland!... Have just gotten back from the Tour! Pedalling a bike is hard work in Linnyland on days when the "bike" is broken! HAHA!! Mine was up for repair for a day or two as well!

    A wonderfully warm subject .... bathed in the "serenissma" gold Linnyland Light!

    Good painting!
    Warmest regards,

  2. I love these warm special orangey colors, and your forms and lines!

  3. I hope your problem gets sorted soon.
    As for your artwork, fantastic

  4. I hate when that happens (a Blog Clog or other hiccup).
    Nevertheless, a sweet painting here.

  5. Hi Linny,

    A blog clog sounds really bad indeed. Sorry about that. There's no creative clog. This is beautiful.

    XO Barbara

  6. I, too, had the dreaded Blog Clog of Comments, but it seems to have been fixed as of a few days ago.
    Your work is DVine, as always!

  7. Thank-you for your warm comment, Bruce!!

  8. Thankyou for your comment, Marie...yippee, I'm finally able to return comments!!!

  9. Thank-you Richard - I wish that I could see your videos. (Like I said, I'm curious and curious about your work, too...)

  10. Thank-you Donald! I was getting dizzy from the merry go round of trying to comment! May you never get the dreaded BLOG CLOG!!!!

  11. Thank-you for your great comment, Barbara! (Congratulations on your recent media coverage and I hope that you're having a super time in Montreal!!)

  12. Leslie, thank-you for helping me to trust that the BLOG would UNCLOG and it has!! Thank-you, too, for your wonderful comment and I look forward to seeing your upcoming performance on the GooGLE Maps!!!

  13. Linny, i just love the last 2 paintings, Toure de Fernwood, and the little store with the least i think that's the title? any way, they inspire me, all your work does. I want to get on that bus, it's delightful.

  14. Thank-you Sally and there's always room on the bus for you!


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