Monday, 8 October 2012

Top of the Crop

It's a glorious, colorful, shorts wearing, breaky on the decky, 
warm enough for lake swimming long weekend
 and not just in Linnyland either!
This one is from a recent paint in the 
peninsula pumpkin fields Linnyland adventure with 
fellow, fellow harvest artist Jeffrey J. Boron.
"Top of the Crop"
oil on cradled wood
9 x 12
Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Columbus Day, too!


  1. Looks like a fine year of harvest in Linny land... judging from "The Top of the Crop"!

    Enjoyed Jeffrey's take on your harvest plein air event... and "You"... up to your... usual whimsical mischief surveying a vast pumpkin patch. Hope that the survey didn't include counting them all!

    On a serious note... great work ... both of you!

    And Happy Thanksgiving and Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  2. Thank-you, Bruce! Happy belated to you and yours, too!

  3. I see a call and response of earth singing as sky dances. Beautiful work, Linny!

    Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with good things.

  4. Thank-you, Melinda!
    (It was and now I am, too!)

  5. I love this happy joyful painting. Your work always inspires me Linny.


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