Thursday, 6 August 2009

Blossomtime by the Blue Bridge

This is another of the larger pieces that I mentioned
in an earlier post.
It's a spring scene of Victoria's inner harbour
with cherry tree blossoms
in full bloom.
(My mind does some wandering and wondering
while I'm painting, for instance;
Victoria still has quite a few VW vans
on it's roads... how many
of the VW vans have crossed the Johnson Street/Blue Bridge from the '60's
until now... it's amazing that there
seem to be more VW vans than VW bugs/beetles still
travelling on Victoria's roads ... is it this way where you are, too?)
"Blossomtime by the Blue Bridge"
acrylic on canvas
36 x 48


  1. Hi Roxanne,
    Thank-you for letting me know that this one appeals to you!

  2. Wonderful - it's jolly and comforting and graceful.

  3. Thank-you for visting and leaving such a great comment, Pinke.paints!


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