Sunday, 21 March 2010

Mighty Memory

Recently I have been on a bit
of a grain elevator jag
that was initially inspired by my early,
(and nearly only), memories of the prairies. I painted this one
and afterwards I was
doing a little grain elevator research,
and discovered that this one, the Fleming, Saskatchewan elevator,
(built in 1895), was Canada's
oldest standing elevator on it's original site. That same evening
artist Barbara Muir left me a comment,
saying that she had heard sad news
of a fire that destroyed one of the old wooden elevators.
Tragically, it was the Fleming elevator.
The residents of Fleming had been working
to restore their historic elevator
and were nearly finished the restoration.
My heart goes out to the people of Fleming
on their devastating loss.
"Mighty Memory"
oil on canvas
20 x 10


  1. What a wonderful tribute to Fleming elevator. It is so important to preserve these jewels from the past. Your paintings do help in immortalizing these structures in a delightful way.

  2. These grain elevators are just great Linny. I grew up seeing them at every small town and it's a blow every time I see a hole in the sky where one of them used to stand.

  3. Linny this one, "Might Memory" is terriffic! Such a sad story about the Fleming elevator, but you have done Fleming proud painting this tribute. I love the vertical sky... ball-sy!!

  4. It saddens me so much when we lose a piece of our architectural history. What a nice tribute to this special place. Here in Ontario, beautiful barns are falling down everywhere, their stone foundations the only thing left behind. sniff.

  5. I love your work, Linny! Fun and engaging.

  6. Hate to hear this piece of history is gone, but what a great tribute! Love the stripes on the building and the way the background is laid in. Your work is so much fun !

  7. Hi Linny,

    I was so sorry to be the one to tell you that piece of news. You can probably listen to it in the CBC archives. The man's voice was cracking with grief as he described the loss.

    Super painting.

    Love your work as always.

    Take care,


  8. Thank-you very much, Sheila! (I wish that this one hadn't had such a sad ending.)

  9. Hi and thank-you for visiting, Cindy! I've had people tell me that with out these landmarks the drive across the prairies seems much l o n g e r.

  10. Hi Sally. Thanks for the GREAT comment!

  11. Thanks for commiserating with me, Catherine.

  12. Muchos, grande thank-you, Edgar!

  13. Thank-you, Gwen! It's (almost) all about having fun, isn't it?

  14. Thank-you, dear Barbara. (I'm very appreciative that you shared the news of the Fleming elevator with me - even though the news was so sad.)


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