Sunday, 3 October 2010

Rainbow Park Gold

This is another little one from
a recent road trip, painted in
the postcard beautiful Rainbow Park
at Alta Lake.
There I was surrounded by
beautiful mountains,
and yet, it was
trees that inspired me.
"Rainbow Park Gold"
oil on wood panel
6 x 8

Thanks and credit for the photo go to Jason Boron.


  1. It happens...after all its in beautiful Linnyland ;)
    I like the strip of lake too behind the trees in your painting.
    How i wish i lived there.

  2. Hi Linny,

    What glorious light and colour. I am entranced by this one. Fabulous.


  3. I can see why the trees caught your full attention. Really fantastic, magical trees, painted beautifully!

  4. It is so nice to see you work, Linny and how you translate sharp greens into lovely muted golds! The rhythm and design in this painting is once again very pleasant!

  5. Hi again Linny!... What a wonderfully coloured "snapshot" of Autumn's coat of many colours!

    It's all there. A strong focus on trees... raking light... contrasting shadows and water music... no matter how softly it's played! That's Autumn... and Thanksgiving in Canada!

    Happy Thanksgiving to "You" and "Yours" Linny!

    Warmest regards and copious blessings,

  6. Thank-you Prabha! (I'm curious is it the land of Linny or Linnyland that you wish to live in?)

  7. Thank-you for your thoughtful comment, Barbara!

  8. Thank-you for your kind comments, Marie!

  9. Bruce, thank-you! You always make me smile with your playful comments. I'm boomeranging all of those wishes for Thanksgiving right back atcha!


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