Thursday, 26 November 2009

Quonley's Corner SOLD

You may remember that in September
I painted the Quonley's store
as part of a Victoria plein air event and
this studio painting is of the same Chinatown landmark.
Quonley's is located on the corner of Fisgard
and Government Streets, in between
the Gate of Harmonious Interest and
the Silk Road Tea Company.
Often, as I paint, the figures in the painting will start
to develop personalities or
they begin to remind me of someone,
other times they will go through a few identities
as I'm developing the painting.
This time the elderly women rounding the corner
is on her way home with fresh produce
after her daily shopping trip.
The figure that has entered the interior of Quonley's
reminds me of another local artist, Robert Amos.
I didn't get to know the fellow over to the left
very well but I think that he's a young
guy who was passing through Chinatown
on his way to the coffee shop next to the skateboard store.
Quonley's Corner
acrylic on canvas
36 x 30


  1. This must be a vision to see in person. I love the shadow play along the sidewalk and side of the building.

  2. Wonderfully sunny and dreamy, but not in a glib way, seems to come from the heart not the head.

  3. this is a charm Linny. I know what you mean about the figures developing personalities, i find the same with figures when i include them. It's fun to imagine what they are up to. I love the way you have painted this, the curved door frames inviting you in...and the sunshine warming everything. Super!

  4. Beautiful work Linny. I love the open doors with the shadowed figure inside.

  5. Thank-you, Sheila. How about we meet me in Victoria's Chinatown so that you can see Quonley's corner and we'll have a cup of tea while we're there and then you can pop over to my studio to see the painting.

  6. Thank-you, Simon, and thank-you for your qualification, too! And, yup, I'm a feeler!

  7. Thank-you, Sally! (Isn't it great to have our own rich imaginations telling us stories - all we have to do is listen!)

  8. Thank-you, Carol, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. A bright sunny happening day! Wonderful hues!

  10. I can definitely feel it, love the warmth you've created!


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